Email Marketing

To get real qualified traffic and business from a website you are going to need marketing support. A mature email marketing service provider can help you stay a step ahead of your competition in the virtual world.
We offer email marketing service to clients from B2C as well as B2B market segments. Email campaigns strategy, communication, execution, campaign results analysis and insights, we do it all.

Email Marketing

Targeted Email Marketing

Send right message to right person at the right time. Identifying the right audience and creating profiles to understand them better. Email campaigns planned based on the buying journey of the prospects. Personalized and relevant communications created based on segment understanding. Strong intention in each campaign to draw out a positive behaviour from the audience and get them more engaged.

Conversion Focused Email Marketing

Focus on driving higher conversions from email campaigns. Three step conversion process followed to increase open rates, click rates, and landing page conversion. Emails analyzed for subject lines, email offer, call to action, delivery time etc. Creating landing page strategies to improve engagement. Thorough A/B testing implemented. Digital behaviors tracked to trigger next action.

The whole purpose of email marketing is to influence the behaviour of the audience. At Tech4Inno, we spend time to understand the profiles of your targeted audience, their behaviour triggers and weave that insight into the campaign. Hire Tech4Inno – a trusted email marketing service provider – to strategize and execute email campaigns that give you higher ROI. We dig our claws deep into the reports of email campaigns and bring out valuable insights that go a long way in drip marketing. These insights can further drive communications carried out by the sales teams and improve your sales funnel. At Tech4Inno we believe in making every single penny spent on email marketing count. To hire our email marketing experts just fill out the short form and we will contact you.