Social Media Marketing

Tweet, Tweet, Like, Like – Keep those coming in with our social media marketing service. Get an SMM service provider like Tech4Inno on board to create social media marketing strategies for different social media platforms. Get it right on social media with Tech4Inno.

Social Media Marketing

Focused Social Media Campaigns

Identify the right type of audience and study their behaviour patterns. Set up a content calendar or repurpose existing content to create relevant messages. Apply the offer-satiator psychology. Design a digital engagement map. Design drip campaigns to slowly convert leads into qualified business deals.

Campaigns that Drive ROI

Make every message measurable. Plan your social media marketing budget. Appropriate the marketing funds based on priorities of campaigns. Evaluate the ROI generated from the campaigns. Create a strategy to maximize the ROI from money spent on internet marketing and social media marketing.

Not Just Likes & Follows – Get Business from Social Media Marketing

A lot of people jump in joy at the amount of likes, follows, and retweets their social media marketing gets them. But we believe that these likes, follows, and retweets are useless if they are not getting you business deals. Work with Tech4Inno to convert your social network popularity into real business deals. We will create drip campaigns that give you qualified leads for your sales teams. Hire our social media marketers to draw valuable insights from the campaigns, create strategies-on-the-fly based on these insights, and push more into your sales funnel. After all a big fat sales funnel is what every business wants! Contact us to get a quote of our internet marketing services.