Website Maintenance

Getting a website up and ready is a one-time job. However, keeping the website updated is a more frequently undertaken task. For such repeat tasks, you ought to have a trusted partner by your side.
We at Tech4Inno offer website maintenance services to all type of clients – big and small. With industry experience behind us, we offer the most reliable and well managed maintenance service for any type of website developed in WordPress or PHP platform.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance for Security

We look at the open vulnerabilities in your website’s code. Find the ideal security patches for vulnerabilities and apply them to your code without affecting the functions of your website.All maintenance activities are carried out in the backend without your website users knowing about it. Your website does not experience any down time and your business can keep going as usual.

Website Maintenance for Code Clean Up

Identify all the unused script or CSS lying in the backend and remove it. Identify factors that affect your website’s load time and slow it down considerably and rectify them.We look at the hanging pages or floating pages and try to assign a parent page to them.We perform code cleanup without any downtime faced by the website.

Website Maintenance & Archiving Services

If you are regularly adding new pages to the website, then in the backend you may find it hard to keep track of the web pages that are currently in use and the ones that are not in use. You may also be losing out on valuable traffic that the search engines would be diverting to these unused pages. Here we can help you by going through the list of web pages in the backend, identifying which ones are currently being used, and then archiving the ones that are not in use. This archiving can help you manage your website better from the backend and improve website’s performance. You don’t lose out on traffic and the website also becomes easy to manage. To get a free quote on maintenance services for your website just fill up our form and we will get in touch with you.